Creating robust Website Architecture is first before designing any website?

April 15th, 2017 by

Website architecture Is a critical ranking factor

Website architecture might be one of the most potent ranking singles. We’ve turned sites around by merely redesigning a website’s architecture. The sites continue to rank in competitive markets years later. Proper website architecture is time-tested and surpasses all ranking fads.

Proper website architecture is essential. Website architecture is more relevant than Backlinks today.

First, we must define what website architecture means.

Website architecture is the result of designing the page and link structure of a website. Proper Website architecture creates a search engine friendly website. We base the structure of the site on search and query volume of relevant searched topics and keywords. Page URL structure, menus, and links are part of website architecture. Its a schematic diagram of how all the pages are linked together.

Hierarchical Organization of Topics Categories & Keywords 

Excellent site architecture is based on a hierarchical organization. The most searched term should be placed closest to the homepage. The homepage should be the alpha of all categories, keywords, and topics. The home page should be focused on one alpha topic that all the other pages support. All other pages should be in the descending order. Descending order based on search volume or topic relevance to the homepage.

How A Business Makes its Money should inform its website design

Consultants must take into account a corporation’s, business, or e-commerce revenue streams. Every business has products services which generate a majority of their business’s annual revenue. These services should be highlighted. The site should focus on these products services. They should be very easy to find.

Web design should achieve multiple tasks the architecture is its foundation

Design business websites to:

  • Generate Targeted Leads
  • Create Sales
  • Offer primary Business information phone number, address
  • Convey and reinforce the businesses brand
  • Be easy to navigate
  • Designed for the visitor
  • Guide the visitor to act

Consider Branding when developing a business site

A website should convey what separates your products and or services from all others. Also, a website should express what differentiates your customers from other companies customers. Why are your customers unique?

Proper architecture is the pre-design phase of any website

The pre-design part of the creation of any site is more a mind puzzle than anything. You must take all the above information and wrestle it into an ordered logical hierarchy. A framework based on words, topics, and categories.

Are Keywords research still relevant?

Keywords have morphed into topics. However, to identify a topic, you still need to use words. So words or keywords are still relevant.

The Business’s services or products are more important than keywords.

You might have a vast search volume of words, terms, or topics. However, they might be too broad for the company’s actual service or products. You need to cater the website architecture to fit the business, not the keyword search volume. This is where query research comes to play.

The website should satisfy the searcher’s query or question

Query research is the search result of typing a question into Google’s search engine. Query research shows you what Google thinks is relevant to a search.

Has RankBrain made Keyword research obsolete?

Words are still crucial in identifying the topic of a page. Therefore keyword research is still essential.

How do you do keyword and topic research for RankBrain and Google’s new algorithms?

You must look at many data sources. Google keyword planner, Google Trends, query research, AdWord data. These days keyword data is limited. Also, keyword relevance is being questioned. So you have to be creative. Still get data from reliable sources.

The most important aspect of website architecture  

  • Identifying Alpha topics relevant to the business services or products
  • Place them in order of search volume or revenue importance
  • Categorizing topics into a hierarchy
  • Siloing like topics into categories

We must consider and prioritize all the above information 

Phase One

  • Keyword topic search volume research. Tools google planner, Google trends, query search, top SERP site volume.

Phase Two

  • Create a list of alpha categories based on search volume

Phase Three

  • Silos alpha categories. Created silos by grouping relevant topics together with an alpha topic of each silo.

Finally, design the page topics of the site

Decide each web page

  • Topics
  • Purpose
  • Goal

Design the website’s

  • Menu

Determine how each page links to other pages

  • Menu Links
  • Side Bar Links 
  • Footer Links
  • Embedded hyperlinks