How we execute search engine optimization in 2018

Search engine optimization in 2018 is essential for every business. Moreover, SEO is changing fast. Today the totality of a companies information needs to be optimized and organized. An entity (company, corporation) whose digital information is organized correctly and has the least errors wins. Therefore Google knows “X company’s” name, address, phone number, business listing, reviews, websites, and social media. All the online properties are connected to the same entity, i.e., “X company.” An entity whose information is uniform and organized so there is clarity for both search algorithms and well as users will be more relevant for search queries than a company whose online information is unorganized and not uniform.

Introduction to SEO for business growth

Growth for your company through SEO is best developed over time. Creating a strategic digital marketing plan based on your goals is vital. Having benchmarks and objectives over time gives a clear picture of progress. Without a strategy, goals, and objectives your company’s SEO efforts are less efficient.

Tracking revenue generated is more important than clicks

Having in place systems which track revenue generated from your online properties is the only way to understand your ROI. Most companies are too busy running their business to worry about such things. We are consultants who push our client to take the extra steps needed to put these systems in place. It secures our position and lets our clients divide their marketing dollars wisely.

What does search engine optimization mean?

Search engine optimization today means optimizing digital information architecture. Not just for search algorithms but for user experience. Adjusting information on your companies website, social media accounts, and Google My Business listing. So Google and users can easily and quickly understand your business, services, products, brand, service areas.

Good SEO crafts content to speak directly to your ideal customers

Also, SEO directs your content towards your ideal customers. Speaking to your ideal customers. Explaining why your services or products are their best choice. Incorporating what separates your business from all others. Moreover, adding content which pre-qualify potential customers, thus eliminating communications that are fruitless.

Optimizing for speed and user experience

Websites need to be fast and easy to navigate. Do not fill pages with marketing fluff. Have actionable meaningful and helpful information. Make a site that is useful which people bookmark and come back to again.

Does search engine optimization work?

Done properly yes. We have many clients who have been with us for years. Our services have proven to generate revenue. Our clients business have grown. The stress of acquiring new customers, marketing, and lead generation has diminished. We have helped their businesses and their lives. We are very proud of this.

How can a Google-optimized website help your business?

A website optimized for Google’s search engine algorithms is more likely to be relevant for a query. A query is what anyone types into Google. The first thing the Google bots troll is a websites URL. By organizing the URLs, you improve a website’s ranking.

Helping Google understand your webpage has rewards

Google has the herculean task of trying to organize, sort and present trillions of website pages. These websites are un-unified information. If you help Google by organizing the information about an entity (business) in such a way they can understand the company. Often you get rewarded by ranking better than your competitors.

Every website and entity has vulnerabilities

If your competitors have robust, optimized websites, you need to make a better website. There are so many ranking factors that it is almost impossible to make a perfect website. Every site and entity has a vulnerability.

What does search engine optimization cost?

It depends on how optimized your business is online currently. Usually, there is a setup fee to rework a current site which is underperforming and unoptimized. There is a monthly fee for SEO. Monthly SEO includes content development. Adjusting the website and content based on data from tools including Google Analytics & Webmaster tools. Thus building a website and online presence that delivers targeted quality leads continuously. Once you are ranking a site needs maintenance to keep the ranking. Each company’s situation is different. We are business consultants who specialize in strategic digital marketing. Call us we are happy to review your website and online presence for FREE.

A new optimized WordPress website $3000 – $7000

Optimized online branding $1000 – $3000

Monthly SEO $500 – $3000

Website hosting and maintenance $25/mo – $200/mo

Our hourly rate is $100 per hour