Local SEO service for business 2018 guide the basics

We specialize in local SEO. Local SEO is vital for businesses today. In 2018 people find businesses through their smartphone or desktop computer. Even referrals will most likely “Google” your company name.

Potential customers will search online for your company or brand:

  • Online reviews
  • Online ratings

Your business should have your online presence optimized

Your “online presence” or “online brand” is what people see when they “Google” your company’s name. “Google” your company’s name. If your company’s “online presence” is optimized you will see:

  • Your company’s Google My Business listing

    • Correct company name
    • Correct phone number
    • Correct address
    • Correct hours
    • Correct website
  • Your correct business category example:

    • “Cosmetic dentist.”
  • Google My Business listing should be optimized with:

    • Current images (your office exterior/interior, staff, etc)
    • Accurate description (services provided)
    • Reviews
  • Your company Website should be the first search result

  • Your social media accounts should be on page one search result

  • Review directories such as Yelp, BBB, Angie’s List, etc

Online presence optimized for local SEO Google My Business listing and page one search results

Google My Business listing is the foundation of all local SEO

Google My Business listing is the foundation of all local SEO. Today your company needs more than just a website to be found online. Your business needs to a verified entity.