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Important Advice Every Renter Should Know When Looking for a 2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent

There’s a lot more to think about when hunting for a two bedroom apartment than what to do with the extra space. Your living situation is the first major factor to consider when staring your search. Are you planning on living alone, or with a roommate or your better half? Every two bedroom apartment is different—and not all of them are designed with co-habitation in mind.

What to Consider when Looking for a 2 Bedroom Apartment

It’s important to keep your living situation in mind when searching for your 2 bedroom abode—especially if another person will also call it home. Whether you’re moving in with your BFF or plan on searching for a roommate online, you’ll want to find an apartment with “roommate-friendly features” and a layout that gives everyone privacy and space. Make a list of apartment features or floorplan types that deliver what two people need to be happy. For example, if you know you’re not comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone else—put 2 bathrooms at the top of your must-have list. Are you an especially light sleeper or have a work schedule with late-night shifts? Try finding a floorplan without shared walls between bedrooms. Two people living together also means suddenly having two of everything: furniture, kitchen appliances, linens, etc. Talk through who’s stuff stays and who’s goes together—after all, no one wants to feel like they’re living in someone else’s home. Living with someone else, even if it’s your better half, is all about compromise. And the more you’re able to talk things through as a team, the happier your home will be.

Inspecting Key Areas of 2 Bedroom Apartments

Because of their size, two bedroom apartments indirectly call for renters to do extra due diligence. As you tour a potential apartment, inspect key areas to avoid unwanted issues later. Turn light switches on and off, scan for mold, often found in kitchens and bathrooms, and test the water pressure. Additionally, a two-bedroom apartment’s larger square footage usually means paying more in rent, so don’t hesitate to ask when the last time walls were painted and carpets replaced. Whether you’ve found a budget friendly apartment or paying a premium, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. And, by letting the property manager know you’re aware of existing apartment wear and tear, you’re protecting yourself from footing the bill for costs to repair what was already there in the future. With a thorough inspection, you can prevent future problems that’ll ultimately save you time and stress.

Before Signing a Lease for a 2 Bedroom Apartment

Committing to a 2 bed apartment is a big deal. Be sure to read the rental agreement thoroughly before making a final decision. Every apartment community has its own rules—some might not allow you to paint walls or swap out fixtures, which is tempting when working with a larger space and trying build a home of your own. Apartments often specify a visitor allotment—so if you or your roommate prefer to entertain guests and have parties, this will surely be problem. Also check the lease contract for monthly fees like parking. Making a decision for two, whether it’s for two bedrooms, two people or both, is a huge commitment and requires careful consideration. So make the right one that incorporates all desired living needs in a two bedroom apartment.

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