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Easy Ways to Maximize Space in Your Studio Apartment

Living in a studio apartment is an experience unlike any other. The open floor plan invites out-of-box thinking of how you decorate, divide and re-imagine your living space to tailor it to your life. Possibilities are endless with studio apartments so long as you find one with necessary features and use the space wisely.

Ideal Features in a Studio Apartment

There are key features to look for when scoping out studio apartment rentals. High ceilings counter the feeling of being cramped. They open up these micro apartments and create the illusion of more space. Loft-style studios automatically fall into this ideal, high-ceiling category, so if you discover one, snag the unit. Additionally, big windows provide lots of natural lighting and tend to visually expand the size of studio apartments. Another feature to look for is ample storage space. Check out the size and number of closets. If the studio apartment for rent lacks tangible closets, are there spots to install make-shift closets? You’ll also want a studio that comes with full-sized appliances to allow for better day-to-day living. Avoid the mini-fridges and hot plates if you regularly cook and eat at home. Last, think about the reality of living in a studio space—there are no walls separating your kitchen, bedroom and workspace like a standard one or two bedroom apartment. Ultimately, a studio is a mixed-use space that blends together all parts of your living experience. It’s important that you can imagine yourself happily living in a studio apartment environment.

Benefits of Studio Apartment Living

Because of their compact size and minimalistic yet sufficient amenities, studio apartments are often located in trendy areas of a city where square footage comes at a premium price. So if living in the middle of the action is a priority, studio apartments are a way for you to be in a prime location at a reasonable cost. And, thanks to the smaller square footage, you’ll spend less time cleaning. Studio apartment living indirectly forces you to streamline and minimize the clutter in your life since there’s simply no room for unnecessary stuff.

Transforming Your Studio Apartment

You can approach living in a studio apartment with two different mentalities. One, is that it’s a downsize therefore a downgrade. The second way of looking at it is that it’s a total upgrade—an opportunity to completely customize your environment to fit your life. Take the latter outlook to optimize your living experience. Living in a studio apartment, like other tiny houses, is about strategically organizing the floor plan and décor to make the most out of the space. Having no walls is not a problem. Transform one room into a multi-use space by designating certain parts of it for specific activities. For example, if you work from home, place your desk in a corner and wall it off with a bookshelf to divide it from your sleeping area. Partitions also help the layout of a studio apartment and come in various forms like foldable walls or even hanging curtains that offer a free-flowing vibe. Interior design has a huge impact in creating a full blown home out of a smaller apartment. Organize the space with intention—place paintings over a couch in the “living room,” or put a chair by your door and shoe rack so you and guests have a spot to lace up or kick off the kicks. Transform a studio apartment into your very own mecca of living. Look for the right features, embrace the benefits, think about the details when setting it up, and you’ll find yourself immersed in a truly personalized living situation.

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