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Tips for Finding the Perfect Pet Friendly Apartment for Rent

Apartment hunting for yourself is already a huge task, but searching for you and a pet is a totally different ballpark. Aside from various animal restrictions and requirements you’ll come across during the process, you need to find a place that’s most conducive to you and your best, four-legged friend. Take the following steps, foot and paw prints alike, to rent a pet friendly apartment.

Finding Pet Friendly Apartments

Although an apartment may be pet friendly, pay attention to detailed restrictions. For example, some apartment complexes charge an additional fee on top of monthly rent to have a pet—prepare and expect to pay extra for your furry friend. Other places may indicate cats are allowed but not dogs, due to their often cleaner and quieter nature compared to their K-9 peers. But say you find a pet friendly apartment for rent that states, “dogs allowed”—well, check if that means any and all breeds of dogs or just certain ones. Many buildings ban larger types, deeming them unsuitable for the apartment building environment. And even if you have a small pet, such as a bird, still clear it with property management as some won’t allow potentially noisy pets (chirping included). To proactively prepare, also have your pet’s veterinarian records handy, to prove they’ve received the shots and vaccinations required to live in pet friendly apartments.

Choosing the Right Pet Friendly Apartment

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of apartments that will take in your beloved animal, choose the one that’s best for your pet and yourself. Ask property managers about the pets and owners who currently live in your potential residence. Do pet owners feel the community is accommodating? Or have there been incidents between pets and their neighbors, including between their neighbors’ pets? By investigating, you’ll be able to avoid uncomfortable scenarios such as a territory-possessive dog that won’t give a warm welcome to a new dog on the block. Another consideration is space, both inside your new home and in the community. If your pet is used to a spacious two bedroom townhome and you’re considering down-sizing to a studio apartment, you’ll want to make sure there’s sufficient space for your pet to move around freely. Additionally, see that there are ample, pet friendly neighborhood amenities. For instance, being able to walk the dog at the park or at a dog beach are definitely a plus, and so are local bars, retailers and businesses that’ll let both you and your pet inside. That way you can enjoy yourself without worrying about good ole Rufus being denied at the door. Another consideration is your commute from home to work. If it’s long and you know there is regular traffic, it may not be ideal to add extra away time and neglect animals at home for too long.

Moving Your Pet into a Pet Friendly Apartment

As soon as you’ve locked down a pet friendly apartment that suits your living needs along with your pet’s, make the move an easy transition. Many dogs and cats undergo more stress when there is inconsistency around them (i.e., moving around furniture and piling up boxes will likely trigger a high-alert state). Regardless of the impact moving has on your daily schedule, keep their routine as normal as possible. Continue to walk them at the usual time, feed them and play with them like nothing’s changed. Set up a designated area of their own to make pets feel at home and at ease. At the same time, be sure to monitor their eating and sleeping habits, and address any alarming changes. An animal lover’s search for an apartment is a completely different, more thought-intensive experience. By looking for the right aspects of a pet friendly apartment, you and your pet can live comfortably and worry-free in a place you both call home.

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