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Time Saving Tips for Finding Your Next 1-Bedroom Apartment

Searching for the perfect one bedroom apartment is an exhausting ordeal because there are so many factors in play. But with a bit of research and planning, you can quickly search through the sea of potential 1 bedroom apartments and pick one that fits your budget but still offers the square footage you need in a neighborhood you love.

Define What’s Worth Paying for and Where You Can Save

When starting your one bedroom apartment hunt, do a bit of research to figure out what you can afford when it comes to an apartment’s A/S/L: amenities, size and location. An apartment’s location is a huge factor that impacts how much it costs and the amount of square footage you’ll get per dollar. Some people love living in near the heart of the city and are willing to pay more for a smaller place. While others prefer the low-key suburban lifestyle. Whichever you prefer, keep in mind that densely populated and popular urban areas will likely cost more per square foot compared to sprawling spaces in the suburbs. Next, consider what floorplan or apartment features you’d like to see in your one bedroom apartment. Start by thinking about how you’d use each room. For example, will your bedroom be solely for sleeping or will it double as a home office? Are you someone who needs a bigger living space for entertaining? Or are you just looking for ample room to get cozy during a Netflix binge? When deciding when it’s right to splurge on a luxury apartment versus save by choosing something more budget-friendly, weigh out how much you value each room of the apartment then prioritize where you’d need extra space and where you can scale back.

Neighborhood and Community Compatibility

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving across state lines or to a new part of the city, finding an apartment in a neighborhood that reflects your personality and meets the needs of your daily routine is key. Think about your daily commute and weekly errands or activities—will you still be able to accomplish them easily or would you need to go out of your way? Then there’s the convenience factor. Map out the nearest grocery store or, if there’s no laundry on-site or in-unit, figure out if the closest laundromat is within walking distance. Most importantly, ask yourself if you can confidently call this place home, because being comfortable in your own neighborhood is the key to happy living.

“Dating” Potential 1 Bedroom Apartment Rentals

You wouldn’t commit to someone before going on a few dates—and the same goes when committing to sign a lease for an apartment. Tour potential one bedroom apartment rentals with a critical eye. Pay attention to all the details that come with a place; scan the condition of everything including the appliances, carpets and walls. Also take a stroll through the apartment complex or building to gauge a sense of the community. Talk to your potential neighbors to see how they like living in the apartment grounds. And keep in mind, an attentive property management company is a good sign that you’ll be in good hands if you ever need something fixed.

Floor Plans and Furniture

Here’s a tip to avoid that “OMG” moment that happens when you realize there’s no way your furniture will fit into your one bedroom apartment. Snag a floor plan from the building’s website or community profile page on and start to layout where you’d place your existing furniture. This is especially important if you’re downsizing from a larger apartment. One bedroom apartments provide personal space and true ownership to renters. There are plenty to pick from but the right one is calling your name. Choose the one that you can make your own and call home.

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