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  1. 420 North St SE

    420 North St SE, Tumwater, WA 98501

    2 Beds $1,750

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We found 1262 Apartments for rent in Olympia, WA. provides you with the most comprehensive list of rentals so you can find your perfect home. Preview floor plans, view amenities, and compare rentals to find your perfect place. Whether you are looking for an apartment, townhome, condo, or single-family house to rent, delivers the most results. Have a pet? Need a swimming pool? You can filter your search and get tailored results designed just for you. If you are new to Olympia, WA, be sure to read all about living in Olympia to learn more about the local culture, nearby restaurants, and more. With as your go-to rental resource, you’ll be living in your dream home in no time.

Living in Olympia, WA

Olympia, Washington’s capital city, is a vibrant and diverse city that embodies the best of the Pacific Northwest. Downtown Olympia is bursting with local shops and farm-to-table restaurants as well as breweries and nightlife spots. There are several top-notch eateries just steps from the Port of Olympia, providing patrons with amazing waterfront views. Like so many cities in the Pacific Northwest, Olympia places an emphasis on merging with the natural world that surrounds the city. The city has a verdant atmosphere with tree-lined streets throughout. Find locals at Priest Point Park, kayaking on the bay, fishing on the docks, or simply enjoying the parks scattered throughout the area. Olympia residents are within minutes of several outdoor destinations, including Capitol State Forest, Olympic National Forest, and Mount Rainier National Park. There are charming homes for rent in Olympia along with amenity-laden apartments close to downtown.

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Average Rent Rates

What's the average rent in Olympia, WA?

Rent averages in Olympia, WA vary based on size.

  • The average rent of a 1 bedroom rental in Olympia, WA is $1,393
  • The average rent of a 2 bedroom rental in Olympia, WA is $1,678
  • The average rent of a 3 bedroom rental in Olympia, WA is $1,966
  • The average rent of a 4 bedroom rental in Olympia, WA is $2,312