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We found 1101 Apartments for rent in Hartford, CT. provides you with the most comprehensive list of rentals so you can find your perfect home. Preview floor plans, view amenities, and compare rentals to find your perfect place. Whether you are looking for an apartment, townhome, condo, or single-family house to rent, delivers the most results. Have a pet? Need a swimming pool? You can filter your search and get tailored results designed just for you. If you are new to Hartford, CT, be sure to read all about living in Hartford to learn more about the local culture, nearby restaurants, and more. With as your go-to rental resource, you’ll be living in your dream home in no time.

Living in Hartford, CT

Hartford delivers on the classic New England qualities that make Connecticut unique. Coastal living along the Long Island Sound, historical architecture, culture, heritage and, of course, amazing food. Hartford residents enjoy comprehensive public transit thanks to a large bus network and high-speed rail. Downtown Hartford is home to cultural touchstones like the Mark Twain House and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art. Restaurants, shops, and more overlook the Connecticut River. This is where you’ll find historic apartments and homes, while the rest of the city houses more contemporary and slightly newer housing and apartment developments. Interstate 91, 84, and Hartford-Brainard Airport make travel a breeze.

Moving to the Area

Hartford is the capital of Connecticut, with a lively atmosphere mingling with its historic architecture. The city’s growing job market and endless things to do make it a great place to live. By Connecticut standards, Hartford is an affordable city with a cost of living that’s 13 percent lower than the state average.


The landscape of Connecticut is picturesque. Filled with historic architecture, it represents quintessential New England coastal living. Life in Connecticut moves at a slower pace. It's away from the big cities and busy lifestyles of Boston and New York City. It's beautiful here, too. Tucked into a harbor along the Long Island Sound, you'll find sweeping shorelines with craggy cliffs dotted with the occasional light house.


Hartford’s beautiful setting inspires artists and poets alike, and you can celebrate the city’s famous residents at historic destinations like Mark Twain’s House and the home of Noah Webster. Visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, then learn more about the city’s fascinating past at the Museum of Connecticut History.


Hartford is one of the oldest cities in America. It is filled with historic relevance and a center of culture for the state. The city has historical attractions such as the State Capitol and recreational entertainment found at places like Bushnell Park, the oldest publicly funded park in the U.S. Hartford is also home to 35 insurance companies, making it the insurance capital of the world.

Sports & Colleges

Connecticut is packed with state universities, state-run colleges, a federal-level military academy and a long list of private institutions. Most notable colleges in the area include University of Connecticut, Yale University, and Trinity College. At the professional sports level, Hartford was formerly home to the NHL Hartford Whalers. Many residents root for sports teams next door, like the Boston Red Sox and New York Knicks, due to the close proximity of the major cities.


Connecticut has a lot to offer when it comes to culture and the arts. Many popular art galleries, museums, and libraries are located around the state. Luckily, most are open to the public, and a few are even free! You will find a handful of theater and music venues that, thanks to the University, features a steady stream to national acts and off-Broadway productions. There are also tons of gorgeous parks, lighthouses, and rocky cliffs along the coastline to explore. And, finally, don't forget to spend time exploring through the state's Revolutionary War sites, military museums, and historic attractions.

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  • The average rent of a 2 bedroom rental in Hartford, CT is $1,376
  • The average rent of a 3 bedroom rental in Hartford, CT is $1,204
  • The average rent of a 4 bedroom rental in Hartford, CT is $1,192